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A Couture Newcomer With Sex Appeal To Spare


Nineteen-year-old Zahia Dehar unveiled her debut collection of lingerie on the Couture catwalk in Paris yesterday. Haute couture is typically a masters-only field, but Dehar, who is a mere 19 years old, doesn’t even have a design background. Rather, she made a name for herself at 16 when she found herself at the center of a sex scandal involving three French soccer players. But that, evidently, was experience enough to pique the interest of the fashion world. It even drew Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed the Vargas pinup-style images for her first lookbook. “When my collection was about to be ready, I met him and showed him my work,” Dehar tells “A few weeks later we were taking pictures in his studio until three o’clock in the morning with dogs, snakes, and turtledoves everywhere.” For her new collection, which includes pieces in silk, satin, and lace as well as more unusual materials like glass, leather, and sculpted metal, she engaged Couture specialists like Bruno Legeron, Jean-Pierre Ollier, and François Tamarin. “I love the woman’s body, and the idea of putting that body on display,” Dehar said. So much so, she bared her own at the end of the runway show yesterday.

Photo: Courtesy of Zahia Dehar

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