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Going Haywire


“I absolutely adore getting dolled up, but I don’t get to do it a lot,” Gina Carano, the female star of the new action thriller Haywire, told last night at the Cinema Society- and BlackBerry-hosted screening of Steven Soderbergh’s new film. “Being from the fight world, it’s a completely different runway.”

She may look great in a little black dress, but Carano’s male co-star Ewan McGregor was quick to admit the actress and MMA fighter is a straight-up badass. “I couldn’t keep up with Gina. She’s much faster and fitter than I am,” said the actor, who only had two days training with Carano to learn his fight sequence. Much to producer Gregory Jacobs’ relief, no one was injured during the high-adrenaline stunts (which, Carano said, “all the actors wanted to do themselves”). But it was a close call. “One time, I accidentally punched Gina in the head and almost broke my fingers,” added McGregor. She didn’t seem to mind: “I got to fight with some of the hottest male actors in Hollywood,” she said. “It wasn’t about hurting each other.”

The only guy on set who wasn’t intimidated by Carano? Soderbergh. “I wasn’t nervous, I knew she wasn’t going to hit me,” he said before heading in to the screening. “When we initially met, I wanted to talk for a long time and create a character and film totally centered around her.”

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