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Manolos, Now Available In Tilapia


Manolos made from discarded tilapia skin, raffia, and cork? Why not. Until now, the shoemaker hadn’t delved into the green scene, but eco-chic designer Marcia Patmos was able to change that. “They were very open and loved my suggestion of bringing sustainability into the shoes, as long as I could find the right materials that they couldn’t supply,” Patmos tells So, she settled on natural resources and fish industry byproducts for the Spring ’12 collection. “The materials were actually very easy to work with,” Patmos adds. “Mixed together or dyed, they’re very versatile.” The heels ($975) and the flats ($645) are hitting Manolo stores next week. Patmos revealed she’s already hard at work on the next round—an ankle bootie made of vegetable tanned leather—for the the Fall ’12 Manolo Blahnik for M.Patmos collection.

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