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Proenza Schouler Sets Up At The Guggenheim


To mark the closing of the Guggenheim Museum’s Maurizio Cattelan: All exhibition (and Cattelan’s retirement from art making), Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are showing their Harmony Korine films, Snowballs and Act da Fool, at the museum’s Peter B. Lewis Theater tomorrow. ( shared the exclusive still shots from their latest collaboration in September before the short screened in Paris.)

“We love how Harmony twists things and makes them his own,” the designers told at the Paris screening’s after-party. “We let him take our ideas and sift them in his own little ‘Harmony’ way. It’s a crapshoot—but it’s always a nice surprise.”

Tomorrow, their films will be shown as part of a seven-hour multidisciplinary program, called The Last Word, along with works by over 30 other artists, filmmakers, musicians, and dancers. Admission to the weekend event, kicking off at 6p.m., is pay what you wish.

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