August 22 2014

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Norisol Ferrari Takes Off  


“I’m trying to make the process of getting dressed a little simpler,” New York-based designer Norisol Ferrari tells “You don’t want to have to fuss—I am a busy woman and I can’t be looking to see where my blouse is all the time. I have to look smart from morning until I get to dinner.”

It was that personal need for smart, transitional separates that inspired the Venezuela-born designer to launch her namesake bespoke line in 2009. “I had been looking for the perfect coat, and after searching everywhere I just decided to make one. The first day I wore it, I walked out of my apartment and I had a woman chase me down the street asking me where I got it—within three weeks I had three custom orders,” she says. Since launching with a ten-piece collection, her luxe but functional jackets have caught the eye of Maxfield buyers (where the lines is sold exclusively) and high-profile women alike.

On Tuesday, Ferrari is set to roll out her latest collection at Lincoln Center. She already gave a look at what’s to come: “Pockets in absolutely everything—I thought a lot about that,” she says. “My motorcycle jacket has an iPad pocket, seriously.” The jackets come in strong, masculine men’s fabrics, tempered by lace, stretch silk, and organza tailoring details, a combination inspired by “Jean Harlow meets Tina Turner in Mad Max,” she explains. Ferrari has a sharp eye for detail and a strong understanding of a good fit, and it shows in her work. As she continues to grow as a designer, she is one we have our eyes on. 

Photo: Dan Lecca

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