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Sex And The Sergio Girl


Rather than its usual day-long open house, this season, Sergio Rossi and creative director Francesco Russo elected to host a more intimate cocktail party to debut their new Fall collection in Milan. And intimate fits the entertainment as well as the event. For the occasion, Russo and director Luca Guadagnino created a three-minute short film starring model Diana Dondoe, whose shod (but largely unclad) form is placed front and center in the erotic piece.

Eroticism is nothing new to Guadagnino, who hit big with his film I Am Love, starring Tilda Swinton as a Milanese matriarch who embarks on a passionate affair with a young chef. (Russo cited a scene in which Swinton’s character and the chef first make love as a favorite.) “I’ve known Luca for 15 years, and for me it’s very important to work with people I feel close and comfortable with,” he explained to “It all came together quite naturally, really.”

If the sensual is nothing new to Guadagnino, it’s familiar ground for Russo, too. Sex appeal has been one of his trademarks during his time at Rossi. “For me, the shoe is not just an object for its own sake, but something that can change the state of mind of the person wearing or observing it,” he says. “I’m moving forward towards accessories addressing the entire woman’s body. I refer to this project as ‘Skin to Skin,’ because the body pieces become a sort of a second skin playing with female transformation caused by wearing wonderful shoes.”

And those shoes? “Most are made of different types of leather and exotic skins like python, ostrich foot, lizard, crocodile, and kid suede, mostly in monochromatic colors to underline the different textures,” Russo says of the new collection. “They’re like objects in a constant mutation.” The film screens at the presentation, which begins now in Milan, and debuts here on

Photo: Courtesy of Sergio Rossi

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