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The Smallest Traveling Store In The World Unpacks In NYC


A few years ago, A.F. Vandevorst‘s Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst started opening “guerrilla” shops in neglected buildings in northern Europe; more recently, they’ve taken to the road with a clothes-selling installation they’ve dubbed The Smallest Traveling Store in the World.

The name is much more unwieldy than the thing itself, which fits neatly into two crates and takes up a mere three square meters when it’s traveling, Arickx explained last night at the Tribeca boutique Patron of the New. He was minding the front corner of the boutique, where he and Vandevorst had set up his hospital-themed mini-shop, the centerpiece of which is an old Red Cross bed his father salvaged for him when he was 12. “The Red Cross in the village where I lived, they were changing furniture,” the Belgian designer said. He and his wife and co-designer, he added, both have a bit of a thing for hospitals.

The duo returns to Europe tomorrow to get ready for the Paris shows, but the traveling shop’s North American tour has just begun. “It has a visa for one year,” Arickx reported. He wants to take it to Canada, he said, but the actual itinerary at this point is anyone’s guess. “Who knows? It can be very spontaneous.”

Photos: Shawn Brackbill

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