August 23 2014

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Theyskens’ Theory’s NYFW Diary


In the leadup to New York fashion week, designers go through hundreds of behind-the-scenes preparations to arrive at the completed show. This NYFW, we’ve sweet-talked a few of them into giving us a peek behind the curtain as they cast, score, style, and ready their presentations. Here, Olivier Theyskens gives the backstory on the Theyskens’ Theory collection he unveiled in New York this afternoon.

“We are the day before the show…collection boards with pin symbols: The moon means ‘style only for the show,’ the green hearts mean ‘good style for sales,’ and the orange sun means ‘good for both!’”

“This dress is beautiful but I didn’t keep it for the show because I thought this black velvet was too dramatic. I love that there is access to deep pockets behind zippers.”

“My finale dress doesn’t need a hanger to stand on its own. It’s made out of an outrageously thick polyester satin that is so modern.”

“I had a crush for the first time of my life on fox fur. I promise I will not do it again for a while…”

“Olivia came from Sweden to help me prepare the looks of the show. She’s the sweetest girl in the world.”

“This abstract picture is actually a close-up of a beautiful crystal embroidered mini clutch.”

“Elegance and aquatic fluidity on the floor of my meatpacking studio.”

Photos: Courtesy of Theyskens’ Theory

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