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Borgo Digs Deep


Eddie Borgo may be showing his Fall 2012 jewelry collection in Paris this week, but the downtown designer is in a perpetual New York state of mind. As are his baubles, which, this season, were inspired by Gotham’s underground metropolis. “There’s this subterranean landscape beneath major cities like New York, from subways to waterways to sewage tunnels. It’s almost the real skeleton of every major metropolis,” Borgo tells After studying these intricate systems, the designer turned out a sophisticated range of gold and gunmetal accessories that balance literal translations of his influences with strong, fluid lines and sharp geometry. NYC’s industrial underground appears on a cuff finished with a textured gunmetal plate that resembles a manhole, bracelets garnished with lava rock (which the designer intended to mimic asphalt), screw and mallet earrings, and a necklace crafted to look like a spouting pair of drainpipes.

Borgo notes that this is his most technically complicated collection to date, which is apparent in the assembly of both his Mainline bangle, a sewage pipe-inspired piece that’s fused together with hand-cut pavé crystal rings, and his Expansion Joint cuff (pictured), a mammoth piece of hardware that, bound with rows of raw nuts and bolts, looks as though it was pulled right out of New York’s netherworld.

“Grates, sewage pipes, joint connectors, and coils may be familiar to our eyes but there’s a way to make these sculptural things that are such a part of our daily lives beautiful,” says Borgo, who revealed that he plans to take a tour of New York’s subterrestrial maze when he returns next week. Of course, a bit of bling always helps, too. Nevertheless Borgo succeeds in making the mundane, and even the ugly, into covetable pieces of hardware.

Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Borgo



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