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Catching Fashionable Flies With Honey (And Vinegar)


Logic dictates that an appreciation of the finer things in life would include both fashion and food, rather than them being some kind of crazy mutually exclusive equation. So it gladdened the heart to hear Lucie de la Falaise proclaim, at this morning’s launch of her brother Daniel’s range of olive oils, vinegars, and honeys, “We’re too much of a greedy family to be doing with that no-eating fashion business.” Given that every member of her family—grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins—defines every possible shading of chic, it was sheer joy to find food as the focus of the event. Liquid assistance from Somerset’s finest pear cider certainly helped.

Daniel’s private catering is already legendary—he grew the stuff that guests ate at Kate Moss’ wedding—so it was once again a certain kind of logic that dictated he should bring his produce to the world. For now, that means Selfridges in London and Claus Estermann’s place in Paris. There could scarcely be more, given the artisanal production. The oils come from Daniel’s Sicilian godfather in Tuscany. The vinegars are produced in a nunnery in the South of France. “Sister Mary helps me bottle them,” said Daniel. But when he adds, “Grandma taught me how to make them,” you have to mentally adjust to the fact that Grandma was style icon Maxime de la Falaise. A picture forms.

You can whet your appetite at Otherwise, there’s this very sage observation from the man himself: “Food is communication. You make nasty people nice if you put something agreeable in their mouths.” I can’t think of anything more valid as a pre-election strategy.

Photo: Stephane Feugère

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