September 3 2014

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A Jewelry Label With Spine


Cole Morrall and Natalie Mauro’s design partnership was born out of a shared affection for the bizarre. “We were introduced by a friend in L.A. who thought we would get along really well—Nat was reading a book on serial killers and Cole was reading a book on decomposing bodies,” the women behind the Bones and Feathers Collective jewelry label tells “It was kind of a creepy love at first creative sight.”

The results of their collaborative efforts are a perfect reflection of their joint penchant for creepy. However, it was their side project creating floral headpieces that first caught people’s attention. (Kate Bosworth wore one to Coachella in 2010 and after that, they caught on like wildfire.) “We don’t really advertise the flower headpieces anymore, but we are beyond happy to make them for people that contact us directly,” says Morrall. “People still reach out to us to make them for photo shoots, birthdays, weddings, and of course, Coachella.” They have since returned their focus to creating their men’s and women’s line of snake vertebrae (no, not real vertebrae, just metal casts of them) bracelets, rings, and earrings, which is already stocked (and selling well, we’re told) in small quantities at Tenoversix in L.A. and Reformation (in the New York and L.A. locations). Of their 50-plus-piece Fall collection, the pair, neither of which has a formal fashion background (Natalie majored in visual arts in college and interned at Nicole Miller and Marked Showroom, while Cole studied dance and anthropology), explains, “We were really inspired by classic men’s accessories, androgynous women, Hitchcock heroines, and Georgia O’Keeffe post-1929.” Their take on those inspirations is a series of fox bolo ties, single snake vertebra and suede bracelets, and snake vertebrae collar clips—all the offerings come in an array of gold, pewter, and brass metal, combined with suede and leather. The fox double-knuckle ring and the weighty multi-vertebrae necklace (pictured, left) are both standouts, but many of the smaller, single-vertebra pieces make for great stacking and layering. As for what’s next, they are exploring collaborations with L.A. brands and working to expand the men’s side of the brand.

Photos: Courtesy of Bones and Feathers Collective



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