July 28 2014

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Lucky Zac


It is difficult to imagine Zac Efron at war, armies of teen female fans not withstanding, which makes his latest role as a returning marine in The Lucky One no mean feat. “Nothing in my own life even comes close,” said an earnest, Balenciaga-suited Efron at last night’s Cinema Society screening of the film. “But I did have my imagination, and believe it or not, I spent some time on Camp Pendleton.”

Luckily for audience credulity, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation mostly centers on Efron’s post-war quest to find, then woo, the woman whose photo he believes kept him safe in the trenches (Efron later told that his only real-life talisman is his family). She’s played by Taylor Schilling, who arrived at the James Hotel after-party looking the very picture of luck in a Calvin Klein dress and Fred Leighton rocks. Joining them were director Lee Daniels, singer Natasha Bedingfield, and snowboarder Shaun White, who wore an Acne suit accessorized with an unprintable slogan pin (a less charming luck charm, perhaps). On the roof, Dylan Lauren held court in one corner, SNL‘s Abby Elliott and Vanessa Bayer in another. “He’s so cute, isn’t he?” said Elliott of Efron. “And yes, I cried. I always cry. The Notebook is my favorite thing, like, ever.”

Photo: Matteo Prandoni /

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