September 3 2014

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Maison In Manhattan


Maison Kitsuné—formerly a well-guarded secret among Parisians and Tokyo dwellers—has officially arrived in Manhattan. The Paris-based brand, designed by former Daft Punk manager Gildas Loaec and Japanese architect Masaya Kuroki, opened its first flagship in the U.S. last night, a corner space in the new NoMad Hotel, located, as its mash-up name suggests, just north of Madison Square Park. The 1,200-square-foot store stocks the full men’s, women’s, and accessories collections by the brand, and plays up the touches of haute bourgeois culture that still hang on the young-skewing, street-friendly label: the overflowing vase of flowers on a table of shoes, the salon furniture in the dressing room. One brand rep even noted that one of the jackets in the Spring collection now on racks is made in the same factory that produces the iconic ones for Chanel. But at Chanel you won’t find the band for the evening lazily sprawled on the quilted couch, nor, despite Karl Lagerfeld’s renowned love of music, see LPs and CDs from the house’s own record label lining its shelves. Mixing haute and hip with a shrug is the Kitsuné way. The prices tend toward the former, but reports have it that on its first day, the boutique sold thousands of dollars in merchandise. As for Loaec, he seemed keener to take in the scene than to talk business. “It’s like a fishbowl,” he said of the store space, with its huge windows facing out on three sides. It made for a sharp contrast between the chic environs within and the still-developing neighborhood outside—a mix that fit.

Maison Kitsuné is now open at 1170 Broadway, NYC.

Photo: Kyle Ericksen / WWD

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