August 22 2014

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Marcia Patmos’ Postcard From Shanghai


New York-based designer Marcia Patmos’ M.Patmos collection is partially made in China, and the designer regularly visits to check on production. In between factory visits on a recent trip to Shanghai, she found a little time to check out the sights, sounds, and one none-too-Western taste of the country. Patmos (pictured, below) sent back a few snaps from her travels, below.

“While visiting one of my factories, I was invited by the owner to attend a Chinese wedding, which is very different than those in the States. Everything was red, except for the bride’s gown. The tabletops, napkins, carpets, ceilings, walls, plate settings, chopsticks were all red! Hmmm…a red and white collection perhaps?”

“A lot of the old buildings in China actually do look like this, it’s not just in movies! Love how fashion can take inspiration from anywhere. Remember Tom Ford’s collection for YSL Fall 2004 with the pagoda shoulders?”

“Just looking at this picture makes me hungry! The dim sum there tastes so much yummier than the places here in New York, unfortunately.”

“They have these really well-packaged sweets in these tiny little shops in various flavors, such as red bean, almond, walnuts, green bean, and peanut. I bought a bunch for the long days of production inspection ahead.”

“Yes, that’s a turtle. Turtle soup is a delicacy there…not bad actually!”

“They sell Mao everywhere: on pins, posters, magnets, and backpacks. Clearly, they are huge fans.”

Photos: Marcia Patmos



  1. carista says:

    I would really love to see her boiling alive in soup like this poor turtle… maybe some photos of dog delicacy too?…

  2. Ikenani says:

    I agree with Carista. Maybe the meal inspired her to do a turtle skin sweater while she’s at it.

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