September 3 2014

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Phillip Lim Expands Worldwide—And Online


For a relatively young company, 3.1 Phillip Lim is growing fast. The label currently has six stores worldwide, and an Asian expansion plan is on the horizon. By 2016, there are plans to open 15 more stores in China alone. But today, one of his top stores reopens with a new and improved design: the online flagship at

“We really wanted to merge the brand experience with the online shopping experience seamlessly—so the site has surprise content, a personalized touch with the dressing room, and ’3.1 World’ so that guests can really get an insight into what we do and where it comes from,” Lim tells “It’s quite daunting as it is the first time we have opened up in this way.”

The 3.1 World section now includes photos and video from behind the scenes at the company, including an extensive archive of images by Lim’s longtime collaborator, But Sou Lai. A new 3.1 Tumblr is integrated into the site, offering a digital inspiration board for the designers and customers alike. (A Pinterest account is also in the works.) And in the shopping section, a new “dressing room” feature uses customer picks to suggest similar items, in effect mimicking what a personal shopper might do in-store. “We really want to try and bring the in-store experience online,” Lim explains.

Lim, who lists,, and as his daily reads and and as his favorite e-tailers, promises that the new site, developed by Tony King‘s King & Partners, will keep visitors coming back. “There will be special product and online exclusives,” he says. “It has taken us some time to get online in this way, but the reason is that I am a classicist and I wanted to get it right. The right way is not always the fast way.” Not even on the Internet.


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