August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Deer In The Spotlights


Long regarded as the go-to shopping destination for a certain discerning set of Angelenos, Des Kohan ‘s namesake store holds a reliable, oft exclusive stock of merchandise from designers local (Juan Carlos Obando) and abroad (Alaïa). But it’s that energy of exclusives that has kept Kohan’s shop on the map despite its off-the-beaten-path location on South Cloverdale Avenue. The shop owner’s latest endeavor, debuting today, is DEER, a 20-piece accessory collection conceived alongside L.A.-based jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown. “We couldn’t find pieces that we wanted in our wardrobe, so we wanted to create something that wasn’t about following trends but about setting standards for style,” Kohan tells of the collection ($125 to $798). Composed of uniquely paired mixed metals and media to convey a “raw, earthy look,” DEER relies on a multitude of styling options that have, in turn, elevated each piece’s functionality. “We used the materials in a new way and brought the multifaceted styling element to it,” Costello explained of the colored leather, shells, vintage brass beads, and chains she sources from around the world, then designs and assembles in Los Angeles.

In a true partnership, Kohan offers personal styling to complete the looks that Costello Brown accessorizes. “Because we’re just one store, we’re able to create editorial pieces (ranging from a mixed-metal draped trio necklace to a snake belt) instead of trying to please the masses.” It’s an ongoing—and unbridled—partnership that is set to produce new designs on a monthly basis.

DEER is now available at Des Kohan, 671 South Cloverdale Ave., L.A., (323) 857-0200.

Photo: Courtesy of DEER

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