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Love You, Mom


Mother’s Day is this Sunday. In honor of the occasion,’s editors are sharing what they’re planning to give—and hoping to get—this year.

“I’ve always been drawn to Alyssa Norton’s pieces; it must be the former friendship bracelet-maker in me. And my four-year-old Nikolas would approve of the pretty colors in this one ($715,—purple is his favorite.” —Nicole Phelps, executive editor

“My list is always endless. Being in the market and seeing new pieces on a daily basis just makes my imaginary wish list longer everyday. I moved recently and I’m still organizing my house, so some Joe Cariati decanters ($385, would be a dream. And, I still haven’t put my hands on any neon jewelry and now with the summer approaching I’m craving a Tom Binns neon necklace ($1,285, Truth is, I’ll end up getting none of the above. My husband always forget it’s Mother’s Day and my daughter, at 3, is too young to remind him!” —Marina Larroude, market director

“My mom doesn’t often wear a watch, but for special occasions, she’ll put on an old one of her father’s, who in his day was one of the industry’s leading watchband manufacturers. I was raised with the idea that watches can be family heirlooms, one reason I wear my father’s hand-me-down Tiffany & Co. from the early eighties. It’s also the reason I never would think to buy Mom a new one—but Isabel Marant’s new timepiece ($9,000, available at Isabel Marant, 489 Broome St., NYC), modeled on her own father’s that she inherited and wears, has the kind of through-the-generations appeal that she would love.” —Matthew Schneier, deputy editor

“I have a wedding this weekend which will keep me from making my annual pilgrimage down to Philadelphia for Mother’s Day. So in place of my presence, my mom will be getting a bouquet of peonies. I like to send peonies in the spring. There’s something incredibly chic and uplifting about them—especially the pale pink ones. The power move: sending some to my aunt as well.” —Celia Ellenberg, senior beauty editor

“Relaxing is something my mom almost never does so this Mother’s Day, I’m going to force her to do it. I’m sending her on a spa day at the lovely International Orange Spa (2044 Fillmore Street , San Francisco, in San Francisco—a certain beauty expert in our office suggested it’s a great one. Oh, and to make the day extra sweet, she’s getting her favorite Laduree macarons (for locations, visit” —Kristin Studeman, associate news editor

“Ever since all her children finally flew the coop this past fall, my mom has diligently been dedicating her newfound free time to intense workouts, and it definitely shows! I think she’s ready to amp up her regiment, and I have heard that the barre-based toning classes at Physique 57 are killer but worth the buckets of sweat, so I’d start her off with a few sessions (classes from $35,” —Brittany Adams, associate fashion editor

“My mom has amazing taste—it’s pretty dangerous whenever she steps foot inside Barneys or Balenciaga. Despite her amazing collection of timeless pieces (which I tend to steal every now and again), she has yet to find the perfect pair of boots. These studded Christian Louboutin motorcyle boots ($1,995, fit all her requirements, including the fact that she still has dreams of being an Allman Brothers Band roadie. She can wear them to their concert in August.” —Jessica Minkoff, editorial coordinator

Photos: Courtesy of Barneys; Courtesy of Joe Cariati; Courtesy of Isabel Marant; Flickr; Courtesy of Laduree; Courtesy of Physique 57; Courtesy of Neiman Marcus



  1. iFashionNetwork says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Isabel Marant watch.

  2. Maria_1S says:

    The boots are a good idea! :)

  3. GB1 says:

    There is something here for every Mum on Mothers Day – but I think my Mum would fall in love with every gift!

  4. JenniBlack says:

    This jewelry is amazing, there are some pieces by Rodrigo Otazu that I’m in love with,

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