August 21 2014

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Alice In L.A.-La Land


Sometimes, interning does pay. Go ask Alice Waese , the downtown New York-based jeweler and artist now debuting her elemental, delicate pieces—and a new series of her own drawings—at Zero + Maria Cornejo in Los Angeles. When she was 20, Waese moved from Toronto to New York to intern for Cornejo, then became her design assistant for three years. Now they’re collaborating on a one-day trunk show (June 8), after which Waese’s work will be sold in Cornejo’s L.A. boutique. “We have a similar aesthetic,” says Waese, “and we both work in pretty organic processes.”

Cornejo concurs. “It’s nice to support the people who helped you along,” says the designer, who will sell her pre-fall collection alongside Waese’s work at the trunk show. “Alice’s drawings, which I saw before I ever saw her jewelry, are very sensitive and beautiful.” The same goes for her jewelry—they both have a rough but pretty fragility to them. “The drawings and the jewelry inform each other. Repetitive patterning and details, or figures, will start in a drawing and then become a texture or concept for metal,” she explains. “Or, sometimes I’ll cast something without thinking too much about the raw material of the thing, and once it is transformed into precious metal I’ll see something in it that I want to draw.”

The drawings and the jewelry will both be on sale tomorrow, the drawings going for $1,000 each and her baubles ranging in price from $70 for brass bits to $40,000 for great, heavy gold pieces with raw diamonds. Waese, currently stocked at Hostem London and R.A.D. Toronto, will be sold in Manhattan, too, at the soon-opening Welcome Shoppe. Here, has a first look at Waese’s new work.

Photo: Aileen Son

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