September 2 2014

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Gold Stars For Venessa Arizaga


What’s a jewelry designer to do when approached by Opening Ceremony to create an Olympic-inspired capsule collection for the brand’s new London store? Go for the gold—and the silver. “It was a challenge because when you think of the Olympics, you think of materials that are sporty, like spandex,” says Venessa Arizaga. “I wanted to think outside of the box, beyond the Olympic rings, olive branches, and flames.”

The ten-piece range for Opening Ceremony, which caps off at $350, includes colorful bracelets and necklaces accented with signature VA charms. As of July 19, you’ll find everything from doves and peace signs to stars and horseshoes, all of which were developed by the designer herself. As a huge fan of the Olympics, Arizaga gave the jewelry spirited names, like the All Stars bracelet and the First Place necklace, designed to look like the Games’ iconic gold medal. “The First Place necklace is my favorite,” says Arizaga. “It’s like you won something spectacular, and you feel like a goddess in it.” Sounds like every Olympian’s dream. has the exclusive first look at the collection, above.

Photos: Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga



  1. ridleyf says:

    Hi there, where can I get Venessa’s necklace with the medallion/coin? I have looked on her website but don’t see it.
    Thank you!

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