August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Azealia Banks: Protection Required?


Azealia Banks, never one to hold back. The unapologetically in-your-face rapper and fashion darling recently lent some of her swagger to Alexander Wang’s newest T campaign, but that’s nothing compared to her cover shoot for Dazed & Confused. It’s supposed to hit newsstands on August 16, but reportedly the new issue is, ahem, an issue in seven countries because of the risqué cover. (Someone was bound to give Garage magazine editor Dasha Zhukova’s debut issue cover a run for its money.) Though the actual image is being kept under wraps, the Telegraph reports that it features Banks “posing with an inflated bright pink condom between her lips like a giant cigar, accompanied by the cover line ‘Azealia Banks Blows Up.’ ” Looks like that snarky cover line might just blow up in their faces if they don’t find a solution soon. The mag doesn’t seem to be too worried, though. Its response to the news, via the Dazed Twitter feed: “Thank god for the Internet, huh?”

Photo: Karl Walter / Getty Images

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