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One Collector Starts Young


When you’re a Baby Beckham—which is to say, congenitally Posh—only the best will do for your nursery. One-year-old Harper Beckham, the daughter of Victoria and David, doesn’t gaze at ducks or clowns in her nursery; she’s now got her very own Damien Hirst. Vogue U.K. reports that her father approached Hirst to design a piece for her nursery wall, which apparently depicts a lilac heart. “We named it Daddy’s Girl,” Beckham said, which rolls off the tongue a little more easily than The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. No word on when Mum Beckham will extend her clothing line into baby sizes for her fourth child and first girl.

Photo: Getty Images



  1. Sumaiya_Laher says:

    most adorable celeb baby…

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