August 21 2014

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Hotel Skovgaard, Now Open For Business


Since her debut in 2001, Denmark-born footwear designer Camilla Skovgaard has garnered a cult following—including celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron. Tonight, the designer is in New York to premiere her very first fashion short directed by her longtime friend Ali F. Mostafa and with custom music by Zebra Katz, the artist who made plenty of noise on the runway at Rick Owens last season. The video showcases Skovgaard’s latest collection, and will be shown at The Hole Gallery downtown.

Of their initial brainstorming meeting, Mostafa says, “I was shown books on amputees, nudes, trippy reference films on Youtube, as well as music by Zebra Katz.” He explains, “Camilla wanted a grunginess to it, as well as it being stylistic. Having all of that information, I decided for all those physicalities to be on individual people who were tenants of Room 77, in Hotel Skovgaard.” As for the sounds, Zebra Katz’s Ojay Morgan says, the vocals “are snippets from a forthcoming collaboration with a U.K.-based artist named Touch.”

Skovgaard tells, “I wanted to portray women in a different light—not the traditional sense of sexy in a dainty little pose with a cocked ankle in high heels. I absolutely loathe that.” got a first look at the dark, moody film and can confirm that the parties involved can consider their mission accomplished. Hotel Skovgaard and its various personalities are anything but traditional. The message is the same that she sends with her shoe designs: Eccentric is beautiful. Here, some exclusive stills from the film before its debut tonight.

Photos: Courtesy Photos

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