August 23 2014

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Getting Into “Club Chrissie”


In every group of friends, there’s the individual whose home becomes the go-to crash pad. For a certain subset of New Yorkers, that spot has long been Chrissie Miller’s apartment, a.k.a. “Club Chrissie,” which is also the name of Miller’s new Web series, a talk show that is “part Wayne’s World, part Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” she told “Cory Kennedy came up with the name ‘Club Chrissie,’ and it’s been one of those things I can’t get away from,” she explained. “I didn’t even want it to be called that, but it has just stuck. I’m like, that’s so embarrassing. Can’t it be something chic?”

Each seven-minute-long episode features a special guest who stops by to hang out with Miller (and her curious cast of puppets including Pidgey the Pigeon and Cory the Fish) and try a different craft or DIY project—”kind of like a downtown Martha Stewart,” she said. For example, Miller brought Pamela Love on to make jewelry together and Reece Hudson designer Reece Solomon to create a handbag. Other visitors dabbling in all forms of studding, tie-dyeing, and embroidering include Miller’s pals Drea de Matteo, performer Maxine Ashley, Mickey Boardman, and Pharrell Williams, whose virtual platform/YouTube channel I am OTHER is hosting the program.

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, but I didn’t want it to be on TV TV. Previously, I had this idea to do something like ‘In Bed With Chrissie’ where I was just talking in bed with someone and that was the show,” she said. Miller went to film school, and cool visuals were always integral to the success of her cult T-shirt line Sophomore NYC, which she has put on hold for the moment to focus on projects like this. “I watch tons of YouTube videos, and my boyfriend [artist Leo Fitzpatrick] knows every single funny video out there. He’s basically finished the Internet, finding weird shorts that have like 100 hits. Hopefully ‘Club Chrissie’ is a bit more popular,” she laughed. Based on the show’s fun promo, debuting exclusively here on, we’re betting it will be a viral success.

“Club Chrissie” premieres on Monday and will be airing weekly at I am OTHER.

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