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Today In Second Hand News: Simons vs. Galliano


In which we track the way that certain fashion news stories are recycled around the Web.

Today’s secondhand news amounts to a sleeper hit for the Internet. That’s because the original story came out on Friday but didn’t really take off until today. Even recycling bloggers take the weekend off, it seems. It was on Friday that British Vogue kicked things off with a post touting an upcoming interview with Raf Simons in the magazine’s January issue. Employing a certain old-media discretion, the tone was straightforward:

The first few recyclers of this item, Fashionologie,, Styleite, and Grazia, picked up on a quote from Simons about wanting to make Dior as efficiently branded as Chanel, a process that apparently starts with the nose.

But it turns out, those outlets were burying the lede, because The Cut, perhaps with the benefit of the weekend to dream up a new angle, raised the ante with a tweet linking to a post from 10:43 a.m. It referenced a different part of the original Vogue U.K. post:

Fashionista, playing catch-up, echoed in a tweet linking to a post from 2 p.m.:

Congratulations then to today’s clear winner in the secondhand news sweepstakes: The Cut.

Bonus points to Grazia, though, for tweeting the same story twice within a few hours, the second time in a slightly pithier and more twitter handle-alert manner:

Now we’ll just have to wait for the January issue of British Vogue to see what Simons really did or didn’t say about Galliano.

Photo: Alexander Klein / AFP / Getty Images



  1. veljkonew says:

    British VOGUE, January: “We have been in fashion for quite a while, like most of the people who sit in the show, but you have more people outside the show who are young kids and everything. They have no clue. They don’t know who Christian Dior is. For them it is Galliano. I understand that very well but for me the most essential thing that should be as clear as possible is that it should not be about that.It was never that.”
    “Never what?” I ask a little confused.
    “Theatrical, unrealistic, not for wear. No. Never.” He is passionate on this point. “Dior’s ultimate obsession is that he wanted them to wear it. I want them to wear it in the street. If it doesn’t relate to the outside then it would be very theatrical for me.”

  2. swinter says:

    i don’t like this post. i think it is below the high standard that is typical of if i want fashion gossip, snark and dirt, i tune into the “secondhand” blogs.

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