August 23 2014

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Red-Carpet Ready: Elizabeth Stewart’s Golden Globes Diary


In the days leading up to the Golden Globes, L.A.-based celebrity superstylist Elizabeth Stewart is giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes account of what it takes to dress Hollywood’s hottest starlets. This season, she’s working with Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, Les Misérables star Amanda Seyfried, Julia Roberts (who’s presenting), and Cody Horn on their red-carpet looks. Below, Stewart gives us a glimpse at the last leg of her styling process, and, of course, shows us the actresses’ final looks.

Friday, January 11

I start the day with Cody Horn so we can find her Globes dress. As usual with Cody, it’s the first one we try on. We try some more for good measure (here she tries a Ralph Lauren classic black gown with a vintage YSL necklace). There is Ana sewing in the background!

Then I meet Freida Pinto at the Roger Vivier suite to do a quick fitting and pull some shoes and bags. Freida loves color and is always telling me about great Indian designers. Here, we’re having a laughing fit with Anne Crawford from Vivier (we all get punchy this time of year) and selecting bags with Denise Kim from Vivier. We grab lunch while we are there. The PRs have come to realize that if they don’t feed us stylists, we don’t have time to eat!

Next, I meet a designer downstairs who has flown in with Oscar sketches. Then I head home to meet Kristin Davis, dropping off some shoes to Salma Hayek for her Globes dress on the way. When Kristin Davis comes by, we sit on the floor and gab while choosing bags. I’ve styled her for 12 years, people! That’s a lot of history. I love how she is intently studying this Vivier bag. That’s the one! Youssef Marquis from Givenchy happened to come by at the same time. Those are his feet.

Saturday, January 12

D-day: the day before the Globes! It starts off with some serious multitasking. Here I am making pancakes for my son, Ben, and his friend Diego, while simultaneously communicating with Jessica Chastain, who is packing in NY, and texting with the moms at my daughter Ivy’s volleyball tournament, which I am missing. They are winning at least!

First stop of the day is Amanda Seyfried’s. Youssef from Givenchy has flown in her Globes dress and his tailor Ana (my tailor is also named Ana!). We fit the dress, try Fred Leighton jewelry that Katie pulled while we were in NY, and Youssef shows off the shirt Riccardo Tisci made for him. It has Youssef’s puppy on it! We also squeeze in a quick SAG fitting and look at sketches.

Then it’s off to Van Cleef and Harry Winston for jewelry appointments. Here are the vintage 1970s Van Cleef earrings that Julia [Roberts] ends up wearing later tonight to the 2013 Sean Penn and Friends Help Haiti Home Gala. When we are done, we head off to make the final choice for Julia’s Globes dress as well as get her ready for the Haiti event.

Julia is extremely witty so I am always laughing around her. She also likes to art direct everything. It was her idea to do this evil twins shot, which she then decided had to be reshot on her phone with the right camera app!

Sunday, January 13: The Big Day

I start the day by meeting Jessica [Chastain] and the team from Calvin Klein for a last-minute fitting. Here is Candida, the design director Manel’s seamstress, unwrapping Jessica’s dress with white gloves on!

Then my intern Jordan Grossman picks me up. I’m running between the Four Seasons and the Peninsula. Both hotels are Globes central and if I waited for the valet, I would never get there in time! Here is the whole gang with Amanda, including her dog, Finn. We decide on a soft, angelic look to go with the blush lace Givenchy. I love Amanda giving Finn an apple with her feet! That’s her friend Alex who was taking a nap on the bed during all the chaos. Jordan comes to take me back to Jessica’s hotel. Katie will stay and see Amanda out the door.

Over at Jessica’s, her amazing team toasts her nomination! In this pic is her super-stylish über-agent Hylda Queally and the fabulous Nicole Perna, her publicist.

Julia [Roberts] is getting ready at the Hilton (that’s where the Globes are). I hop a ride with Jessica, who has to lie practically flat in the car to avoid wrinkling her dress. When we get close, she rolls down the window to wave to the fans, who go crazy!

I get out of Jessica’s car right at the beginning of the red carpet and it is chaos. They won’t let me into the hotel and tell me I have to walk five long blocks around to the other side. I try to cross the street where the fans are and a policeman screams at me at the top of his lungs. “I don’t care where you have to go! Get off your phone!” I go to another street and they still won’t let me cross. I literally beg this policeman and call Julia’s publicist. They let me cross once Marcy describes the Wilfredo Rosado earrings I have with me for Julia’s look. I guess that was the proof that they needed!

Julia’s suite overlooks the red carpet, so while we get ready we hear the fans screaming nonstop! Katie took a snap on the balcony.

Now that Amanda and Jessica are at the awards (above), and Julia has gone down to present Best Drama Picture, we heave a sigh of relief. We are done…until tomorrow morning, when we meet Jessica for a BAFTA fitting! Katie said, “One down, three to go!” We will relax once the Oscars are over. Well, unless it’s like last year, when we started a five day Lancome shoot with Julia the next day!

Photos: Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain—Steve Granitz / WireImage; Diary Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Stewart

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