August 20 2014

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Today in Secondhand News: Kate Lanphear to T


In which we track the way that certain fashion news stories are recycled around the Web.

Today’s secondhand news actually began back in November, when Kate Lanphear left her post as the style director of Elle. Since then, rumors have spun about Lanphear applying for a job at The Wall Street Journal, then potentially heading to a start-up magazine called Editorialist (we’re still not 100 percent clear on what that is—all that exists is a dormant Web site). Early on, Fashionista (who deserves props for breaking Lanphear’s Elle departure) suggested that Lanphear might head to T Magazine based on a lighthearted shrimp-related tweet and Instagram that the magazine’s new editor in chief, Deborah Needleman, posted in September:

Then, this morning, freelance journalist Jim Shi tweeted the news that Kate Lanphear was joining the T team:

Providing quasi-confirmation, the news was instantly re-tweeted by T Magazine and then, because Twitter is seemingly the new press release, reported by Refinery29:

Not to be outdone, Fashionista and The Cut jumped on the bandwagon shortly thereafter:

So who’s the winner of today’s secondhand news sweepstakes? Is it Fashionista for predicting the move way back in November? Or Jim Shi for successfully spreading his Twitter handle across the Internet? Actually, the winner is Kate Lanphear. A representative for The New York Times just confirmed via e-mail (not Twitter) that Lanphear is indeed heading to T as style director. Needleman has made several new hires (for instance, she brought Joe McKenna on as fashion director at large) since taking over for Sally Singer in September.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/ Stringer via Getty Images

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