July 29 2014

styledotcom The looks that should have walked the #ComicCon red carpet:

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Competitive Partying With T and WSJ.


Today, the mailman brought an invite to a fashion-week party celebrating Deborah Needleman’s first issue as the editor in chief of T. But check the calendar: Thursday night is also the night of an event celebrating Kristina O’Neill’s first issue as editor in chief of WSJ.—Needleman’s old stomping grounds—at the very same time. Naturally, we had a lot of questions: Was the scheduling snafu unintentional? Or is it the next sally in the magazines’ ongoing standoff? A representative from T told us that their date was selected months ago and they only learned about the competing event after invitations were printed. (Reps for WSJ. didn’t return requests for comment.) Needless to say, some alliances will be formed on Thursday night. Or the truly enterprising could attend—and, for that matter, subscribe to—both.

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