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Garage Magazine Takes It To The Street


Thanks to Suzy Menkes’ recent T magazine article “The Circus of Fashion,” and the mobs of shutterbugs outside the Fall ’13 runway shows, the hysteria that is street-style culture was a hot topic this fashion month. What’s the obsession? How did we get here? And how is it affecting, and indicative of, the state of the fashion industry? In a new film titled Take My Picture, Dasha Zhukova’s Garage magazine examines all this and more. Through footage of the ever-growing sea of bloggers at fashion week, and commentary from the likes of Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, Susie Bubble, Phil Oh (who describes street-style snapping as “trench warfare”), and’s own Tim Blanks, Garage dissects what makes bloggers, and their increasingly wildly dressed subjects, tick. The mini-doc debuts exclusively above, and will be up on this weekend.



  1. minka10 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your piece. I do remember when it was a bit “quieter” back in the day and miss that. Everyone seems to be so involved now and things happen too fast.

  2. MichaelLH says:

    The issue in the documentary is that both Tommy Ton and Phil Oh are apart of the problem too, that has exacerbated over the last couple of years. No young, inexperienced person will want to take the time to do their homework or try and develop their methodology. You had hoped that these quasi-photographers would do some justice to the work produced since the early 20th century, namely in Alfred Stieglitz. They will then say they are not photographers, yet, they own a discriminatory object. In the future, we will sadly no longer have Bill Cunningham in our presence, and we’re left with inexperienced, and illiterate photographers. It’s an issue that is parochial because Tim Blanks inaccurately says that everyone has a blog. Not everyone has a blog, only those in fashion do. And the attention on style bloggers only? Might I also add that runway photographers themselves have had to deal with the influx of more photographers, leaving those initially undertaking this job to focus on more meaningful studio or media work. The industry really has to take a hard look at themselves because this makes the subsequent graduates or fashion followers to believe this is “OK”. There are a great deal of young photographers and writers who want to produce meaningful work, and do it professionally, adhering to the codes of conduct of journalists; these guys might be reconsidering their professions and study and become something else. Individuals in other professions are laughing at the fashion industry like unrestrained hyenas.

  3. AdviceforModels says:

    This was a great piece to read. Besides remembering a quieter time, I also remember a more *pleasant* time when it wasn’t such incredible madness.

    At the same time, the phenomenon is most likely unstoppable. You have an audience that craves the attention and an audience that craves the feeling of somehow being involved. The beast will only grow more beastly.

  4. VisualTherapyNY says:

    Genius. Thank you for sharing. Bravo, Tim Blanks! We just had to share it on our blog:

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