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Tao Okamoto Trades the Catwalk for the Silver Screen


Although she starred in the recent Mario Sorrenti-lensed Rihanna for River Island campaign (above), Japanese model Tao Okamoto has largely been missing from the catwalk. And now, our suspicions as to why have been confirmed. The trailer for the new X-Men film, The Wolverine (out this summer), was released today, and guess who plays Wolverine’s (i.e., Hugh Jackman’s) love interest, Mariko Yashida? Sure, we know the stigma surrounding the “model-slash-actress” title, but perhaps Okamoto will follow in the footsteps of peers like Milla Jovovich and Amber Valletta to make her mark. Take a peek at Okamoto’s acting debut in the film’s trailer, below.

Photo:Courtesy of River Island via



  1. LCDes says:

    ummm STYLE.COM, of all the websites that should be able to ID models…big fail. big fail. the model in the XMen trailer is Rila Fukushima, not Tao. Your pic in the story is in fact Tao. how can you tell the differences btw all those generic eastern euro models apart and not see this?

  2. LCDes says:

    apologies in order, sorry! youre right, the love interest is Tao, the trailer shows a lot of Rila though

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