August 23 2014

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Jobs, Restaurants, and Now a Magazine—It’s Just the Cherry on the Cake


The tired cliché that fashion doesn’t eat is weakening every day. The latest assault on its reign comes courtesy of Kerry Diamond (by day, PR executive at Coach; by night, partner and co-owner of three bustling Brooklyn restaurants) and Claudia Wu (principal of the graphic design firm Oprhan, founder of Me Magazine) and their new food-meets-fashion biannual, Cherry Bombe. It may have the distinction of being the first culinary journal with a Karlie Kloss cover.

Diamond and Wu (above) are the definition of multi-hyphenate multitaskers, but at Cherry Bombe‘s Jo Malone London-sponsored launch party last night at the Spotted Pig’s semisecret third-floor test kitchen, she shrugged off questions of how she’d managed to put together a full magazine while juggling her other commitments. (Questioner finds his hands full with merely a biannual magazine and Web site to contend with, let alone a second job or a restaurant empire.) “Everyone says that, but it’s not like I’m there cooking or washing the dishes,” she laughed. “My boyfriend works at night. No kids, no pets.” Anyway, she went on, “It really was a labor of love in the truest sense of the phrase. There was also kind of a mission behind this. We really want to help all these great women in the industry get exposed a little bit more, and build a little bit more of a community.”

The first issue’s contributors list contains only one man, and the party, too, skewed toward power women. Profile subjects Garance Doré and Into the Gloss’ Emily Weiss were there, as was designer Maria Cornejo, whose daughter, Bibi, photographed one of the stories. Towering above all was Kloss herself, who is multi-hyphenating herself, as a model-turned-cookie-mogul: Her line of healthful Karlie’s Kookies, made with Momofuku’s Christina Tosi, is currently blowing out of Momofuku’s Milk Bar shops. (“Kookies” may be a little kute, but it turns out it’s also etymologically valid—apparently the English word cookie derives from the Dutch koekje. Who knew?)

Tosi and Kloss came together for the cover shoot and story, which they shot at Momofuku’s kitchens during the busiest time of the pastry chef’s year: the holidays. “I feel like I’m always apologizing to her—working on Christmas!” Kloss said. “Christina is losing her mind trying to get the orders out, and we bring an entire photo crew in.” Tosi, for her part (left, with Kloss), demurred. “We’re always there,” she said. As for the Kookies? “We’re so obsessed with them. In a factory full of cookies, where you can eat whatever you want, you’d be surprised how many people walk by and go, ‘Oh, that one didn’t look good. That one didn’t pass quality control.’” Just wait until her kitchen staff gets wind of what’s coming next: a gluten-free, butter-free Karlie pie.

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