August 30 2014

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Mr. André’s Joyful Noise


It’s hard to imagine downtown New York without the touch of graffiti-artist-turned-nightclub-impresario André Saraiva. He’s been in and out of the scene since the late nineties and is so deeply embedded in the city’s art-fashion nexus that his presence feels almost indelible. His latest project, a music video he directed for conceptual punk band TV Baby, is a visual love letter to the New York of his early days.

“The guys from TV Baby are some of my oldest friends, and first friends in New York,” Saraiva told “I met them in a bar when they were in a band called A.R.E. Weapons, and they were the people who took care of me, who became my family.” A.R.E. Weapons—a former Beatrice Inn fixture—consisted of Paul Sevigny, Matthew McAuley, and Brain McPeck. Today, McAuley and McPeck make up TV Baby, the now 2-year-old band whose music is an ode to television and the pre-Internet era. “It’s loud, and if not confrontational, a little aggressive,” offered McAuley.

Titled “Wild Joy,” the music vid, Saraiva explains, is “a little love story that mixed my French side—where I have a bit of nouvelle vague—with Matt and Brain, who are really very New York.” Saraiva’s former flame, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, stars in the film, which was shot in the director’s Chinatown apartment. Debuting exclusively above, the short is a lighthearted look at some very long-lasting friendships.

McAuley and McPeck, however, suggest that “Wild Joy” has a dark side, too. “The song itself is a very reductionist view of life,” says McAuley, “It doesn’t really matter whether we like [the life we're living] or not, because this is all we have. Enjoy it if you want.”

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