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Snack Attack! Lucy Folk’s Tropicalismo


Food jewelry—candy necklaces, macaroni bracelets, and the like—is just for kids, right? Wrong, actually, thanks to Lucy Folk. Since 2008, the Melbourne-based designer has been reimaging her favorite snacks in the form of covetable sterling-silver, gold-plated, resin, and crocheted accessories. It all began with Nibbles—a collection of real popcorn and pretzels coated in precious metals. Since, the designer has evolved her eponymous range to include everything from crab-claw necklaces to rigatoni earrings to tortilla-chip rings. So what’s the fascination with food? “Well, basically, it’s delicious,” laughs the designer. In truth, her father had cafés and worked in the hospitality biz (apparently, he was “famous for his chicken sandwiches”) and cooking was a big part of her childhood. “It started off as kind of a joke,” said Folk. “I was referencing the fact that we were a big foodie family.”

For spring, the designer pulled inspiration from her honeymoon trip to Brazil to create a particularly lip-smacking collection. Titled Tropicalismo, the line features a selection of fruity baubles, like gold crocheted pineapple earrings, juicy-hued resin orange-slice pendants, a knit watermelon collar, and a host of zesty sterling- and gold-plated wares. Each piece is handmade in Australia, and the metal accoutrements are cast right from fruit that Folk dried in her studio. “I’m very selective about the food we use [for the molds],” says Folk. “I always have to choose the perfect cracker or corn chip. It’s so funny.” As for her approach to gourmet fashion, Folk says, ” It’s good to have fun with the subject matter, and I think that’s why people respond to the jewelry—it’s playful but precious at the same time.”

Lucy Folk is available at Dagny + Barstow, Steven Alan, and online at

Photo: Courtesy of Lucy Folk

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