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Spade Returns, Sleepily


The lovable louche lives. His wardrobe is his pj’s. “I was looking at old magazines and pictures of all these great artists, like David Hockney and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and my friend Glenn O’Brien, who is always walking around in pajamas,” said Andy Spade this week. The look isn’t new—Julian Schnabel is its acknowledged philosopher king—but it’s lately been catching on, for women as well as for men. So Spade and his partner in Partners & Spade, Anthony Sperduti, decided to do something about it. In his first full-scale fashion outing since Spade launched Kate Spade and Jack Spade, the his and hers accessories lines, Spade is debuting Sleepy Jones, a collection of tailored pajama separates and boxer shorts for him and for her.

Sleepy Jones’ pieces, in heritage prints and custom-designed ones by artists like Wes Lang, will be available exclusively online at (Sarah Lerfel from Colette has already expressed interest in stocking the collection, but Spade and Sperduti’s real vision is a Sleepy Jones store of its own.) The pieces are sleep-friendly and casual but tweaked for extra-boudoir use: the collars more pointed, breast pockets added, to be more like dress shirts. (Spade confessed he’s been sleeping in old dress shirts.) His role models are the artists, past and present, who really can wear their pajamas all day, and who think nothing of wearing them out, with a blazer or jeans. “There’s kind of a movement in this direction. I don’t think it’ll go away, because people are working at home more, and working online,” he said. “I do think more people can do [this look] than think they can.”

If rumpled elegance is the name of the look, it’s also what sets it apart from the existing big players in the underwear market, who tend to demand (and depict) semi-superhuman physiques. “I don’t have the six-pack, and I don’t identify with that,” Spade added. “I just want to see a guy like Juergen Teller in his boxer shorts, reading the newspaper. I would be like, ‘I want those!’ No one’s ever shown that.”

Above, Spade and Sperduti created an exclusive GIF for, to show off their new collection, spotlighted on a trip taken with friends to Arizona.

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