August 28 2014

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Big Party, Small World


Invite-only social-networking site ASMALLWORLD is basically Facebook for well-connected frequent fliers. So for the platform’s party celebrating its relaunch as a travel and lifestyle club last weekend, the site and its CEO Sabine Heller flew a slew of jet-setters—such as Dianna Agron, Mamie Gummer, and Olivia Wilde—to party in Marrakech. New York deejay Chelsea Leyland was among the guests, and here she chronicles the Moroccan getaway via personal snaps with pals such as Lily Kwong, Theophilus London, Waris Ahluwalia, Ben Pundole, a couple of camels, and more.

I snapped this upon my arrival. Believe it or not, this was my bed for the weekend. INCREDIBLE!

Waris Ahluwalia and my boy Ben Pundole having what looks like a very important conversation in the swimming pool at the Taj Palace in Marrakech, which is probably one of the most amazing pools I’ve ever seen.

Theophilus London and myself having a little hug. Theo bought this outfit that morning and was pretty proud of it. I think his exact words were, “Doesn’t this look like it could be some Rick Owens shit?”

A beautiful falcon that was brought to the Taj Palace.

Lily Kwong being the absolute legend that we all know she is. I love this girl so much.

The one and only Henry Holland, making a very important phone call to his boyfriend, who is, in fact, standing next to him.

Me and Paula Goldstein riding camels. What could be better?

Lily Kwong and I having a little moment before our incredible dinner at the Beldi Country Club. It was followed by some of my deejaying—and some pretty good dancing.

This was part of the magical entrance to our dinner at the Beldi Country Club. The floor was covered with the most beautiful Moroccan rugs. It honestly felt like the setting had been pulled straight from your dreams. It was truly, truly breathtaking.

Photos: Chelsea Leyland 



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