July 22 2014

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On Our Radar: Annelise Michelson’s Fall Paradox


Lace and silicone necklaces from Annelise Michelson's Fall '13 collection


“I like contradiction,” said jewelry designer Annelise Michelson during a visit to the offices yesterday afternoon. Enter her Fall ’13 collection, which features necklaces that fuse delicate lace bibs, heavy brass chain, and slick silicone. “I wanted something shiny to contrast with the matte lace,” offered the 28-year-old, who’s best known for her jagged Carnivore ear cuffs. “So I found these people who coat lace with silicone for haute couture. This is the first time they’re doing it for jewelry.” The silicone-dipped wares, which are priced around $700, come in jet black, rich royal blue, and shocking neon green. Michelson created a few more playful versions, too, garnishing the lace with splatters of silicone in electric hues.


The designer also introduced gunmetal into her oeuvre this season, using it for—among other things—simultaneously tough and organic full-finger and petal rings. “If you wear just one, it looks very feminine,” she explained. “But if you wear them all together, it’s very strong—it looks like armor.”


Annelise Michelson jewelry is available at Fivestory, Dagny + Barstow, and The Webster.

Photo: Courtesy of Annelise Michelson 



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