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“We always felt like there was a huge gap between brands like La Perla and brands like Victoria’s Secret,” says Monica Paganucci, the creative director of new intimates label Sweetly Inked, which launches tomorrow exclusively online. A meeting of minds, including NYC creative agency Playworkgroup, stylist Samira Nasr, and creative directors Paganucci and Rico and Michelle Garcia, Sweetly Inked’s eleven-piece all-black range is a play on tattoos. “The inspiration [for the initial collection] was to create a line that would highlight where most people would have artwork on their bodies. That inspired the theme of transparency,” Paganucci continued, noting that texture was a key element in the range. The designers will focus on one collection a year, but they plan to supplement their signature fits and cuts with limited-edition wares. “You should always be able to go back and find your favorite bra,” Paganucci reasons, albeit one with seductive sheer paneling and strategically placed exposure. As Sweetly Inked grows, so too will the collection—loungewear is set for a Fall launch.

Sweetly Inked will be available from tomorrow exclusively at

Photo: Courtesy of Sweetly Inked 



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