August 23 2014

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Cases of Diamonds and a Pas de Deux


Laura Morera and Bennet Gartside“I don’t think anyone says no to diamonds,” offered Liam Scarlett, the Royal Ballet’s 26-year-old choreographer-cum-wunderkind-in-residence, when asked how he came to create a unique pas de deux for Forevermark Diamonds. Last night at the National Arts Club, two of the Royal Ballet’s principal dancers, Laura Morera and Bennet Gartside, took the stage to debut the piece, which told a tale of love, passion, and promise. “I think love is easy to communicate,” said Scarlett. “But what I really wanted to do was keep the story ambiguous enough so that everyone can relate to it.”

The dance captured an intense romance and was, in fact, surprisingly relatable—not to mention poignant, and moving. Members of the audience were transfixed by Morera and Gartside as they leapt across the floor, embracing each other, then pushing away, only to embrace again. Of course, the performance can’t take all the credit: The onstage lovers were dripping in a hypnotic array of Forevermark’s ultra-rare, near-perfect stones. “They wanted to give me a really big diamond ring, but dancing is rigorous, and we were worried that it would cut Ben’s face, so we had to tone it down a bit,” said Morera post-show (her replacement rock, however, still looked like it could do some damage). “On the other hand, [this jewelry] transforms you,” she added, touching the gems wrapped around her neck. Meanwhile, Gartside, who wore a simple gold and diamond band while lifting and spinning his costar, admitted that his favorite piece was the heart-shaped stone on display in the parlor.

After the ballet, guests sipped champagne and perused cases filled with the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection. Waris Ahluwalia was among those inspecting the jewels—perhaps in search of inspiration. Having collaborated with Forevermark on one large pendant last year (“It’s about a million and a half dollars—it’s just a casual piece,” he said, laughing), Ahluwalia has once again joined forces with the brand to design a full collection, which will be unveiled this fall. “I went to Africa to see the mines and the whole operation,” he said. “I like to know where things come from. I’m kind of a brat.”

Photo:Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix

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