August 30 2014

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Designer Diary: Adam Lippes’ Postcard From Napa and Yosemite


After wrapping up his Resort presentations in June, Adam Lippes headed out West to unwind, enjoy some wine, and explore Yosemite National Park. Here, the designer shares the details of his “all-American adventure,” exclusively with

Adam Lippes at the Sonoma Raceway

My post-Resort trip was an amazing, family-focused, all-American adventure. The real goal of the trip was picking up my nephews, Isaac and Asher, from their first overnight camp experience near Yosemite National Park. Since we were already in the area, my family decided to meet for a few days in Napa.

We kicked off the trip by racing Audi R8s at the Sonoma Raceway (above). I didn’t think it was possible to drive that fast, and I have gotten two speeding tickets since. The next day was devoted to wine. We got an early start at one of my favorite California vineyards, Shafer Vineyards.

We headed to Yosemite National Park the following afternoon and stayed at the Ahwahnee Hotel, a majestic timber building from 1927, owned by friends of ours from my hometown of Buffalo, New York. The experience was perfection. Hikes, horseback riding, and standing in awe were all part of the next day’s activities.

After picking up my nephews from camp, we headed to my brother’s serene ranch in eastern Washington State. Set on the Yakima River, it has fields as far as the eye can see and an endless sky. We visited my sister-in-law’s chickens, turkeys, donkeys, and horses before heading back to NYC the next morning. So, as I said, an all-American adventure.

Shafer Vineyard

The beautiful view at Shafer Vineyards. Its wine is incredible and the story of the vineyard—a man who decided at fifty to leave his marketing job in Chicago, pack his family in a station wagon, and move to the then undeveloped Napa Valley to explore a new way of life—is inspiring. Maybe my third act!

A tasting at Shafer Vineyard

A 10 a.m. tasting at Shafer Vineyards. Looking forward to the wine deliveries in the fall!

A tour of the wine cellar

Touring the vineyard’s wine cellar.

Adam Lippes' guide at Yosemite

Our guide in Yosemite.


A snap of one of the famous peaks in Yosemite.

Adam Lippes in a river at Yosemite

Enjoying a river at Yosemite.

Horses at Adam Lippes' brother's ranch

A few of my sister-in-law’s horses.

Adam Lippes, and a chicken

…And one of their chickens.

Photos: Courtesy of Adam Lippes



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