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Now Shopping In Tokyo: Julien David Opens In Jingumae


Julien David's new Jingumae shop in Tokyo

The streetwise French-born designer Julien David has been on a hot streak lately, scooping up the Andam Fashion Award in 2012 and enjoying the kind of die-hard, tell-your-friends support from retailers like Colette’s Sarah Andelman and The Webster’s Laure Heriard Dubreuil that fellow designers would give their eyeteeth for. His latest coup is the opening of his first-ever boutique, in the Jingumae neighborhood of his adopted city, Tokyo—and, just in case you needed the reaffirmation, he’s stamped the concrete facade with “Julien David Jingumae Shop.” “I believe every location has a certain vibe,” David explained to “I would like each of my stores to have its own characteristics, music, and atmosphere, and offer customers a unique, genuine experience in different locations. To show how this specific area is different than another one, how things are here, and what we think about and enjoy locally.” Inside, there are fixtures in glass, metal, concrete, and Japanese wood, finished off with a dripping splatter of paint. “I wanted to invent a place that would be the best environment to experience my collections, to have the same playfulness and urban raw energy that we try to inject in the clothes,” David said. Not far from the shopping meccas of Omotesando and Harajuku, he has built a room of his own.

Julien David's new Jingumae shop in Tokyo
Julien David's new Jingumae shop in Tokyo

Photos: Courtesy of Julien David

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