September 1 2014

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Art Sprouts in Montauk


Anya Kielar's Installation

A six-foot-tall, pentagonal sculpture made entirely of salt; a classic pickup truck dropped on concrete blocks; and a web of gauzy, tie-dyed tapestries printed with wires, bras, and a slew of household items that hang from the trees (above)—these are the three works made by artists Olympia Scarry, Virginia Overton, and Anya Kielar, respectively, for Pop Up 1: Montauk, a monthlong show opening this evening in an abandoned lot by the beach in Montauk. The exhibition is a part of Art Production Fund’s ongoing project to bring art to public spaces, and is curated by gallerist Fabiola Beracasa in association with the New Museum’s Gary Carrion-Murayari and Joyce Sitterly.

“Coming from a gallery background, I found that one of the more interesting aspects of gallery life was the fact that every time we put up a new show, it was basically public art,” explained Beracasa, who lives in the house next to the exhibition site. This new installation takes this community aspect to the next level, placing the works directly in a natural environment to be “shared by the community—and weathered on this kind of wild, forest-y plot of land.”

That the pieces are made entirely by female artists is an added—and unexpected—bonus. “We just came across the three [artists] that felt really right for the space,” said Beracasa. “The irony is that it turned out to be three women—which was not our intention at all—but it’s a really amazing thing, because that never happens.”

Pop Up 1: Montauk will be on view at 333 Old Montauk Highway, Thursdays through Sundays from 12 to 6 p.m. until September 8.

Photo: Anya Kielar’s Lines#2, 2013, Courtesy Art Production Fund

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