August 20 2014

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Claire Barrow: Rebel-Rouser


Claire Barrow for

On September 4, will launch a six-piece, limited-edition collection with illustrator and designer Claire Barrow. And, in keeping with the designer’s rocker mentality, it comes with a pretty tough theme: girl gangs. Employing her signature DIY aesthetic, Barrow has hand-painted leather biker jackets and clutches (one of each debuts exclusively here) with images of three crews of ladies, which she has named after the elements: Ember for fire, Jewel Lake Ritual for water, and Earth’s Angel for earth and air.

The 23-year-old designer, who will present with Fashion East for the third time during the upcoming London fashion week, has attracted more than just a few high-profile fans since she launched for Spring ’13. Both Rihanna and Jessie J are devoted customers, ordering items for both on- and offstage, and Barrow has built up a cult following worldwide, proving that the rebellious, punkish spirit is alive and well.

Barrow told that she enjoyed the collab because the retailer didn’t make her soften her look: “I think there was a point when I realized that you could dress differently as a way of rebelling—there wasn’t a time where I thought, I want to do fashion. It just kind of came to me. And it’s been great working with because they encouraged me to stay true to my brand ethos. It’s such an amazing opportunity for me to show to a wider customer.”

Claire Barrow’s collaboration will launch globally on on September 4. Prices start at ¬£179 for a clutch.

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