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Karl’s Catchiest Sound Bites


Karl LagefeldThere are few in fashion (or any realm, for that matter) who know how to turn a phrase so acidic, thought-provoking, and, occasionally, appalling as well as Karl Lagerfeld. The twenty-first century’s Diet Coke-swilling answer to Oscar Wilde, Lagerfeld has made almost as much of a name for himself with his rapier wit and gimlet eye as for his work at Chanel, Fendi, et al. In honor of that silver tongue (which, along with the Kaiser, recently celebrated its 80th birthday), Flammarion has compiled The World According to Karl, a 176-page tome of his takes on fashion, fitness, design, and beyond, all handsomely bound in—you guessed it—black and white. We have a feeling the German provocateur would approve.

Below, rounds up ten of the book’s top Kaiser quotes.

The World According to Karl will be available at Rizzoli New York beginning September 17.

Ten Unforgettable Thoughts from the Ever-Quotable Karl:

“My only ambition in life is to wear size 30 jeans.”

“I don’t mind being a monster, but there are limits.”

“When people show their ass that doesn’t bother me. When they expose their feelings, that shocks me.”

“I feel no remorse and no regrets. I have amnesia when it comes to the past.”

“I hate rich people who live within their means.”

“Think pink, as Diana Vreeland said—but don’t wear it.”

“I don’t need to shop for food, because I never eat.”

“My childhood dream was not to be a child. I’d find it humiliating to be a child. Second-class human being.”

“I know revenge is mean and horrible, but I see no reason why I shouldn’t do something back if somebody has done something bad to me. When people think it’s all forgotten I pull the chair away—maybe ten years later.”

“I’ve become like a Lacoste alligator. Soon I’ll have to be sewn onto clothes.”

Photo: Courtesy of Rizzoli New York

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