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Geometry Lessons



“Made in Italy” usually springs to mind when one thinks of a sleek, versatile handbag. But thanks to Geometry’s minimal leather purses—which launched this week—California is now on our map of arm-candy destinations.

Conceptualized by Matthew Swenson, Alexandra Spunt, Nate Scott, and Morgan Hirsch, Geometry offers structured, California-made satchels, saddlebags, handbags, and clutches that play up the clean lines of triangles, circles, and rectangles. Meanwhile, subtle hardware and neutral shades are a nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s heroines. “There’s a timeless style about them,” explained Swenson.

With their sharp, simple silhouettes, Geometry’s bags will definitely appeal to the discerning contemporary woman, in part because of their attractive price points. Sold exclusively online, the wares range from $190 to $525.

“The intention is to keep the handbags as staples and, in coming seasons, to update the colors and textures,” offered Swenson of the label’s future plans. Geometry also has a philanthropic slant—100 percent of the proceeds from a series of upcoming online auctions, which will feature one-of-a-kind designs in exotic skins, will be donated to Kahn Academy, Africa Schoolhouse, and other education-centric charities. But don’t be fooled by the brand’s name: Funds raised will no doubt help children learn more than just their shapes and angles.

Geometry is available now at

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