August 27 2014

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Goossens: A Message In Rock Crystal



Goossens does a brisk business with its perennials—namely sautoirs, brooches, and cuffs much in the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel. That stands to reason, because Mme. Chanel worked with the jewelry brand’s founder, Robert Goossens, for years. (It’s worth pointing out, though, that while Chanel now owns the brand, Goossens does not make Chanel’s costume jewelry.)

For Spring, Goossens continues to expand on its heritage with what its president Patrick Goossens calls “a relaxed take on Indian jewelry.” The house offered bohemian maharini rings, hoop earrings, and stackable bangles. There’s also the geometric Baguette story, with Y necklaces made of tinted rock crystals and poured glass in soft-focus hues of peach, violet, gray, and blue. Some pieces, such as an asymmetrical necklace, can do double duty as a wraparound bracelet. And then there is the statement-making Alchemie collection. “My father worked a lot with Celtic symbols and nature-related esoterica, always with beneficial meanings,” explains Goossens. This brand history was reborn in a handful of runes in rock crystal and gilded bronze, and talismans that radiated an aura of mystery—not to mention androgynous allure.

Photo: Courtesy of Goossens

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