August 20 2014

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ManiaMania’s Dark Delights



Halloween will come and go, but well-executed macabre knows no expiration date. It’s in that spirit that Aussie jewelry label ManiaMania has launched its holiday capsule, Curiosities. The brand’s first foray into home goods (which debuts exclusively above) bears many of the familiar motifs of its beloved baubles, like zodiac signs and undulating serpents. Considering the brand’s co-founders, Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, have cited both Theda Bara and Anita Pallenberg as muses for their jewelry, it’s no surprise that ManiaMania’s approach to lifestyle would be equally bewitching. There’s a candle in rich black wax (and perfumed with black dahlia), weighty key chains engraved with moon phases, one-of-a-kind geode bookends, and a washed-out black canvas tote. The goods all smack of the brand’s penchant for what Kamsler calls “morbid exotica.” From the candle’s darkly Nouveau exterior to ethereal soaps cast from real quartz, “the collection embodies the magical and the occult elements in all of our pieces,” Kamsler told “It’s a bit of all our favorite things in one.”

Curiosities by ManiaMania is available from today at Prices range from $29 to $140.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

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