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Richard Haines Lends His Hand to JvdF


Richard Haines for JVDFJvdF

Today marks the relaunch of accessory designer Justin von der Fehr’s Web site. And to celebrate his new platform—and his latest collection—von der Fehr tapped illustrator Richard Haines to create a series of unique drawings. “I wanted to create an interesting story incorporating JvdF and just thought—Richard,” von der Fehr said of the illustrations, which highlight some of his key pieces for the launch, including a simple suede wrap bracelet, a hand-etched solid 14-karat gold lighter case, and a solid 14-karat gold toggle pill case. Known for his unique approach to what he calls “necessary luxuries,” von der Fehr makes all of his objects right here in New York City—which is another reason he partnered with Haines. “Richard is the quintessential New Yorker,” said von der Fehr, adding that he admired the artist for his ability to stay true to himself throughout his career in fashion and, now, illustration.

For his part, Haines relished the opportunity to draw from a model. “For me, a drawing is all about a good, pure line, capturing a moment or gesture, and a loose way of applying color,” Haines explained. Their compatibility in design informs the collection, which is meant to convey originality and the spirit of the Big Apple. “I’d like to think all those elements are working in the series,” said Haines. Side by side, the drawings and accessories achieve a striking contrast of luxe detail and simplicity.

With prices ranging from $85 to $1,395, JvdF’s new collection is available at, Neiman Marcus, and

Photos: Richard Haines (illustrations); Courtesy Photo (collection)

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