August 30 2014

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Yazbukey Goes to the Market



It’s hard to imagine that anything remotely charming, amusing, or fashionable could come out of last spring’s Findus horsemeat scandal. But then again, one should never underestimate how Yaz Bukey’s mind—or sense of humor—works. “I was so shocked. Now all of a sudden people are thinking more about what we consume. But packaging is why we keep buying, so tonight’s cocktail [party] is a fabulous supermarket,” explained the evening’s “cashier,” dressed in a short, tight red and white Alai-yaz ensemble (circa 1990), with earrings in the shape of pink nail polish bottles. Inside a bubble-wrapped room at the Maison Darré, where Bukey hosted her Spring ’14 presentation, were pinups and Plexi purses shaped like detergent boxes with matching bubble mirrors, a selection of super-flat clutches (a sardine, a toothpaste tube), and a new venture into sunglasses in collaboration with British eyewear company Zanzan. “We met through Instagram: They posted one of my images and everything took off from there,” the designer said.

Photo: Courtesy of Yaz Bukey

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