August 22 2014

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Francisco Salvado Puts Instagrams in Print


Liz Goldwyn

Whether anyone under 30 who Instagrams, Snapchats, and tweets his way through life even looks at a real book these days is debatable. But that didn’t stop London-based art director Francisco Salvado, the man who helped conceive Dazed Digital, come up with Soon Is Now The Instapaper – #Edit2—a celebration of Instagram’s best snaps, in print.

This is Salvado’s second Instagram-centric tome. The goal for each was to slow down the rapid-fire pace of social media and capture some of the most interesting shots that otherwise would have vanished into cyberspace. “This is an attempt to make sense of the visual and sensory onslaught by curating a selection of the most enduring images from some of the most exciting creative talent around,” said Salvado, who tapped fifteen such talents, including Humberto Leon, Matthew Stone, Alex Prager, and Liz Goldwyn, to contribute.

The book is also an exploration of what Salvado (who also consults on Raf Simons, Acne, and Alexander McQueen) believes is a new category of photography: iPhone images. “It’s a way of celebrating and documenting this new wave of creativity happening within the digital space,” he said of the book. The good news is that, unlike most other Internet-focused endeavors, here it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Added Salvado: “We were not concerned with the number of followers when selecting the artists. Rather, we focused on the quality of the images. What’s important for me is that they have a point of view and something to say.”

Soon Is Now The Instapaper – #Edit2 will be available this week on and at select London bookstores.

Humberto Leon

Photos: Liz Goldwyn and Umberto Leon, courtesy of Soon Is Now The Instapaper – #Edit2

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