August 22 2014

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Resurrection’s Mugler Moment



On Thursday, November 7, famed vintage boutique Resurrection will unveil its first Thierry Mugler capsule in New York City and online. The offering includes pieces from the designer’s eighties and nineties oeuvre. The angle? No “crazy shoulders.” “I love his big power suits and the exaggerated lines,” Resurrection’s co-owner, Katy Rodriguez, told “But this lineup showcases very wearable and modern pieces while still illustrating his signatures.” What she means is: Fans of Mugler’s curved seams and distinct surrealist details won’t be lost for want, thanks, for example, to a tobacco-color leather bomber with sculptural metal cinches at the waist, or an amoeba-shaped mesh inlay along a top, or a black velvet jacket with neon wiring spelling out the designer’s name. It’s all very Thierry, but it’s all very functional.

“The velvet jacket is a little hard for me to let go of,” said Rodriguez. “Years and years ago, a woman walked in and said she had been a model for Mugler—she’d worn it in the show, and he gave it to her afterward. You won’t ever see it again.” Yet Rodriguez also cautions that, at Resurrection, aesthetic trumps provenance. “We’re huge fashion nerds. We buy things based foremost on the quality of the design. Not the name of who owned it.” With that in mind, expect Resurrection to throw it back this Thursday to Mugler’s glory days—with, of course, a 2013 sensibility. Above, check out a selection from the collection, exclusively on

Resurrection’s Thierry Mugler capsule will be available beginning November 7 at Resurrection in New York City and online at

Photo: Courtesy of Resurrection

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