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Yes, Yes, We Get It: You’re Just Being Miley


The many faces and fingers of Miley Cyrus

Our crack team of intern-statisticians has been at work all morning, and they can now report: The most popular Halloween costume of 2013 by a mile(y): Miley. For better or worse, partygoers on both coasts made Cyrus’ VMA stoned-teddy onesie and foam finger their outfit of choice last night. In doing so, they follow a proud tradition set forward earlier this week by Joan Rivers, Paris Hilton, and Mrs. Hugh Hefner. Congratulations, everyone!

Clockwise, from above left: “Mileys” at West Hollywood’s Halloween Parade; at Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte’s party at The Westway, NYC; as embodied by Perez Hilton at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party; and at Where the Wild Things Are at the Rose Bar, NYC. By anecdotal tally, it seems male Mileys outnumbered female Mileys by three to one.

Photos: Barry King/WireImage; Will Ragozzino and Carly Otness/; Owen Hoffmann/

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